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Angel Guesthouse wins Channel 4's Four in a Bed

Published by Chris Holliday in opportunities · 20/5/2017 17:04:00
Tags: fourinabed
On 6th October 2016 Angel Guesthouse won Channel 4's Four in a Bed

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Sharon middleman
2018-11-05 10:14:13
I have just watched you on four in a bed please please please tell me how to cook those perfect poached eggs I have tried for years unsuccessful obviously.


2020-09-05 16:49:22
Poached eggs are easy to make - sadly the eggs on this program looked very strange. The method is FRESH eggs: bring pan to a boil and whisk the water, break egg into a cup/ramekin and pour in to centre of whirling water. The swirl will make the white wrap around the egg, making it poached shaped (not the horrible blob shown on FIAB). Three minutes on timer. Take out with a slotted spoon, check for softness, this comes with experience. Practice makes perfect. Sadly shared bathroom and road

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